fMRI + Cortisol + Alcohol + Stress + Addiction


In this study of binge drinkers, we conduct simultaneous assessment of the cortisol and alterations in cortico-striatal functional connectivity during alcohol cue exposure in a novel experimental paradigm and assess the relationship between these neural and neuroendocrine response to behavioral alcohol motivation and alcohol intake in daily life.

Student and Lab Member Projects:

Examining activation of the ACC and Amygdala in AUD participants with low distress tolerance conducted by Clayton Ridner

Subjects with Alcohol Use Disorders have been shown to have increased cue reactivity in the amygdala and anterior cingulate cortex as well as low distress tolerance when compared to healthy controls. By examining the relationship between these two factors I hope to gain a deeper understanding of what leads to problem drinking.

Her tasks within this study will consist of monitoring the levels of norepinephrine to test if they are different between AUD and HC with and without high levels of depressive symptoms.

Meta Analytic Connectivity Modeling in Alcohol Use Disorders

In collaboration with Dr. Jen Robinson, Associate Professor of Psychological Science at Auburn, we are gathering data from a large number of imaging studies to examine alterations in functional networks associated with alcohol use disorders.

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